7 Mother's Day Jewelry Pieces Any Mom Will Love

7 Mother's Day Jewelry Pieces Any Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is a day to honor everything your mom (or aunt, grandmother, or other mother figure) has done for you. It’s a time to recognize the hard work they put into caring for you, supporting you, and loving you each and every day — both when it was easy and when it was a little less than easy. 

Mother’s Day is also a time to show some love to other mothers in your life, like your wife, partner, or even yourself, who show up as the best mom possible day in and day out. 

This Mother’s Day, what better way to show your gratitude than a thoughtful piece of jewelry? 

Moms love jewelry. But here’s a secret — moms want jewelry they’ll actually wear. They want necklaces and bracelets that show you love them, but also that they can show off at work, at date night, or simply to make themselves smile. 

As you scour the stores and internet for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, look no further than some of our favorite Playa Luna pieces. We’ve got the perfect jewelry for any mom that you will be proud to give her — and she will be proud to wear. 

Your mom has always been in your corner. This Mother’s Day, show her you’re in hers by giving her a gift she’ll love. Here are 7 of our favorite Mother’s Day jewelry ideas for any mom (or yourself) this Mother’s Day. 

1. A Mother’s Day Classic: The Mama Necklace

Let’s start with a classic — the mama necklace. The Elsa mama necklace, which features the word “mama” covered in cubic zirconia stones, is the perfect sentimental piece for any mama. Not only can moms show off their honorable role as a mother, but they’ll also appreciate the feminine and dainty feel of this gorgeous necklace. 

2. For the Girls Moms: A Girl Charm Necklace

For any girl moms out there, this necklace is for them. Charming and unique, the Lexi necklace features the silhouette of a girl, complete with a delicate dress and pigtails. Let’s be real — being a girl mom can be tough. But, it’s also incredibly rewarding. This necklace is the perfect embodiment of being a mother to a girl and how special that relationship can be. 

3. For the Boys Moms: A Boy Charm Necklace 

Now, it’s time for all those boy moms out there. Being a boy mom takes a special kind of person, and this necklace is a way to honor those heroic moms out there. The Taylor necklace features the silhouette of a little boy, and it’s the perfect way for proud boy moms to show off their love for their little (or big) guy. It’s playful, fun, and sentimental — and it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

4. For the Sentimental Moms: A “L-O-V-E”-ly Necklace

When you think of moms, what comes to mind? Strength, beauty, love — all of the above? The Aimee necklace is a delicate chain necklace that spells out the word “love,” and it’s the perfect way to show any mom how much you love and appreciate everything she has done over the years. It’s long and dainty, making it an ideal layering necklace or a stunning piece on its own. Either way, any mom will feel the love this Mother’s Day with this shining piece. 

5. Another for the Sentimental Moms: A Love-Filled Chain Necklace 

If she is more of a silver chain kind of gal, the Lily necklace is a great way to show her how much you love her. This sterling silver chain necklace features the word “love” on a delicate chain (complete with gorgeous cubic zirconia stones on the letter “o”). The Lily necklace is a trendsetting necklace that any mom will be proud to show off to her friends at the next book club, cocktail party, or coffee date. 

6. For the Young at “Heart” Moms: A Charming Heart Necklace

Give any mom your heart this Mother’s Day — literally and figuratively. The Phoebe necklace is a lovely piece that showcases a beautiful heart covered in cubic zirconia stones. It will show her how much you love and appreciate her today, and it’ll serve as a reminder of your love each time she puts this show-stopping necklace on. 

If you want to brighten her day with a pop of color, check out the Anna necklace. Featuring a delicate and bright red heart set on a gold-filled paperclip chain, this piece shows thoughtfulness and, of course, love. 

7. For The Moms Who Wear Their Hearts on Their Sleeves: A Dainty Heart Bracelet

If she is more of a bracelet gal, we’ve got you covered. Whether she wears her heart on her sleeve or not, this bracelet will be a constant reminder of her role as a mother — and how much you appreciate her dedication and love. The heart pendant at the center of this bracelet is covered in cubic zirconia stones, making it a sophisticated and charming Mother’s Day gift. 

Showcase Your Love This Mother’s Day With Jewelry She’ll Love

From when you were young to now, your mom has been your rock, your cheerleader, and your endless source of love. This Mother’s Day, give her something that will show her how much you love and appreciate her — and something she’ll actually enjoy wearing. 

At Playa Luna, we are thrilled to celebrate this special day with you, whether you’re honoring yourself, your mom, grandmother, partner, aunt, sister, or any other amazing women in your life. Shop our full collection to see what other memorable gifts we have for Mother’s Day and every occasion.