Jewelry Care 101: How to Take Care of (and Clean) Your Playa Luna Jewelry

Jewelry Care 101: How to Take Care of (and Clean) Your Playa Luna Jewelry

We know you love your jewelry, and we love that you wear it proudly and often. Jewelry is not just a part of who you are, but it’s also a part of how you feel.

In order to make sure your jewelry shines just as bright as you, it’s important to take extra good care of it. When well cared for, our jewelry is like your confidence — made to last for life. 

Caring for your Playa Luna jewelry is simple, but it takes a little knowledge and practice. Fortunately, we’re here to help on your jewelry-cleaning journey.

5 Quick Jewelry Care Tips

We all need a little care in this world, and that includes your jewelry.

Whether you’re a long-time jewelry lover or you’re just getting started (in which case, welcome!), knowing how to care for your favorite pieces is key to keeping them shiny and sparkly for life.

We’re not here to complicate things — we’re here to make jewelry care easier. To ease into the jewelry care world, here are 5 quick tips to help you care for your jewelry.

1. Steer clear of harsh chemicals.

While we totally support your skincare routine (think lotions, makeup, sunscreen, serums, and all that jazz), your jewelry doesn’t feel the same. Go ahead and use these products (especially sunscreen!) — but always take off your jewelry before application. These products can cause your jewelry to lose its luster and shine.

2. Sweat all you want — but not with your jewelry.

We love a good workout, and we love that you want to keep your body healthy with a good sweat session. But before you hit the gym, yoga studio, or pool, take off your jewelry. Sweat and chemicals like chlorine can damage your favorite pieces over time.

3. Shower away (jewelry or no jewelry).

After your workout, by all means, hit the showers. As for whether or not you wear your jewelry — that’s up to you. Clean water and gentle soaps are great for giving your jewelry a quick and gentle wash. Just be sure to avoid harsh soaps and exfoliants if you’re going to leave your jewelry on. (And be careful of that drain — no one wants to lose a ring down there!)

4. Store your jewelry in a safe space.

You love your jewelry, so it’s important to keep it nice and safe when you’re not showing it off. Make sure your pieces are dry, then store them in an airtight space. We suggest small sealed containers, which can limit oxidation and tarnish (and also avoid those tricky tangles when your jewelry doesn’t have its own space).

5. Give your jewelry a nice deep clean every once in a while.

Everything needs a deep clean every now and then — including your jewelry. In order to give your jewelry that extra love, give your jewelry a deep clean on occasion. We’ll get into the details on how to do that below.

How to Deep Clean Your Gold Jewelry Pieces

Gold gals love their gold jewelry because it’s timeless. Unfortunately, time can also dull gold jewelry.

By keeping up with regular cleaning of your gold jewelry — whether solid gold, gold filled or gold plated — you can avoid this and keep your Playa Luna gold shining for life.

For Solid Gold and Gold Filled Jewelry: Warm Water and Gentle Soap

Simple but effective is the name of the game with this basic solution to clean your gold and gold filled jewelry. Mix together some warm water and gentle soap (like Dove), let it bubble, and soak your gold pieces for 1-3 minutes.

Grab that handy soft-bristle toothbrush to loosen stubborn dirt and get at the details of your jewelry. Rinse under warm water, pat dry, and your gold jewelry will be golden once again!

Keep in mind — this method is best for pieces without stones, gems, pearls, or enamel. If you love to wear a rock, stick to wiping your pieces clean with a wet cotton ball or cloth (soaked in that same soap solution) instead.

For Gold Plated Jewelry

For your gold plated jewelry, keep it simple. Mix up that same warm water and dishwashing soap combo — but don’t submerge your pieces. Instead, use a lint-free, soft, non-abrasive cloth or jewelry cloth to wipe your jewelry. Then, use a different cloth dipped in plain water to wipe your piece clean. Finish by carefully drying your jewelry. (Side note: Never use a silver cloth on gold-plated jewelry, as it can remove the gold plating.)

Pro tip: Wipe your jewelry after each use (or often) to remove body oils or soil. Your jewelry will love that extra love.

How to Deep Clean Your Silver Jewelry Pieces

If you’re a silver gal, we know you love that sparkle. Unfortunately, if you don’t regularly clean your silver jewelry, that sparkle can fade and dull over time — something nobody wants.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back when it comes to keeping your silver pieces sparkling and shining for life.

The Everyday Solution: The Polishing Cloth

Sterling silver is a subtle yet gorgeous way to enhance your look. Since silver is a soft metal, it’s important to be very careful to not damage your jewelry during cleaning.

One of the best ways to achieve that silver sparkle is with a polishing cloth. Silver scratches easily, so make sure you use a cloth that is made for silver jewelry. You can also use a lint-free flannel, microfiber, or soft, nonabrasive cloth in a pinch.

Do not — we repeat — do not use paper towels or tissues on your silver jewelry. It’ll scratch your pieces with its sneaky but damaging fibers.

The Power Mix: Warm Water and Dishwashing Soap

Like with most cleaning projects, the best way to clean is using ingredients you probably already have at home. For a deeper clean of your silver, add a few drops of liquid dish soap to warm water. Mix it up so that bubbles form, and then soak your silver for 5 to 10 minutes.

After your jewelry gets its bath, use a soft-bristle brush (like a clean toothbrush with soft bristles) to clean those crevices. Rinse your jewelry in warm water, and dry with a microfiber or silver cloth.

Voilá — your silver will be clean and ready to re-enter your wardrobe scene.

The Tarnish Tackler: Baking Soda and Water

If you notice your silver is looking a bit tarnished (translation: it’s lost its usual luster), grab some baking soda and water. Mix it up to form a paste, and apply a pea-sized amount on your silver pieces. (Note: If your silver jewelry has more detail, thin out the paste with extra water, and use that soft-bristled toothbrush to get into the crevices.)

Run your jewelry under warm water, dry with a clean cloth, and wait for the sparkle to reappear.

Give Your Jewelry the Love it Deserves

Every day you put on your favorite necklace, ring, or bracelet, it adds that extra something to your look and your confidence. We know how much your jewelry means to you — and how important it is to keep it shining for life.

By taking care of your jewelry, you’ll be giving it the extra love it deserves. Whether that’s avoiding harsh chemicals, giving it regular gentle cleanings, or treating it to a deep clean every now and then, your jewelry can last forever with the right support and care.

Put your cleaning skills to the test, and shop your favorite look by exploring our collections today!